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Advanced Background Check

When you're searching for the right candidate for the job or you need to know more information about a person, running an advanced background check can help narrow down your search. Background checks provide information about a person's character by taking a look into their history. There are a variety of different types of background checks that can be ran on a person to help you find the information you need such as the ones discussed below.

A citizenship check is used to verify citizenship of a person to ensure they're a legal resident entitled to the services offered for citizens of the United States. The immigration status of a person will determine if they are eligible to pursue an education or employment while in the US.

Driving records contains valuable information about the history of a driver. When you run a driving record search you'll learn of violations, accidents and any traffic convictions the person may have. It will also tell the action taken against the driver as a result of the conviction. A driving record check can be used to determine if a potential employee is suitable for a driving position with your company.

Department of homeland security will run a background check on anyone seeking employment in certain government offices to see if the person has a criminal background. Minor misdemeanors and traffic violations will not show up in an FBI background check. It shows mainly criminal charges, felonies and serious misdemeanors. The USA Patriot Act was signed and put into law in 2001 as a first line of defense after 9/11. It requires all financial institutions to do advanced background checks with the Office of Foreign Control on the identification of all customers and potential customers before they can be accepted.

It's important for companies to do a reference check before hiring new employees for their business. Knowing how to check references correctly will ensure the person you're considering for a job position has the qualifications needed to fill that position. A reference check form is easy to use and it can help you verify a person's educational background, work history and any extra qualifications they may claim to have.

All application forms should have a section for the applicant to sign giving consent to for a pre-employment background check to be given. However, it's recommended that you don't do the reference check until you've actually decided to hire the person.

A military records search can verify important information about a soldier such as his or her name, unit number, occupation, service record, state they served in and their enlistment date. It can also give details about any outstanding or distinguished accomplishments they may have acquired throughout their military career. You can download and print a Military records request form in PDF format from a variety of sites online.

Employers can us an education check to determine the educational background of any potential employee. It will help determine if the person is qualified for the position available by determining if the information they provided is accurate. This check will include the dates the person attended school, their graduation date and any degrees they have received. It will also provide information about any special recognition the person received in the form of awards.

International background checks are conducted by government agencies to look for something in a person's past that may be important from another country or from a person who is traveling internationally.

A lawsuit check may be used on a person or a company to see if they have ever had a lawsuit filed against them before or possibly to see if they have filed on someone else before.

You can get an advanced background check to tell you about previous lawsuits that a person or company has been involved in. This can be very helpful in your records.

A social security background check helps you determine if the person in question is really who they say they are. Employers use these checks to make sure the social security number provided by a potential employee is valid and that it matches the rest of the person's information.