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Immigration Status

Immigrants have been welcomed in the United States throughout its history. It has always been believed they have much to offer this country and that they can help it to grow and prosper. This is what earned the United States the legacy it still carries as being the "land of freedom and opportunity". However, recent events have put the nation on alert and the immigration status of anyone entering into the states is vital to its security.

For this reasons, security checks are conducted to enhance national security. These checks can also ensure and preserve the integrity associated with the whole immigration process. The status of an immigration report can help to screen out anyone seeking to harm the nation and its citizens in any way. The background checks performed in these searches will show when an applicant has been involved with drug trafficking, terrorism, violent crimes, sex crimes, crimes committed against children or anything else that would be considered a genuine concern. These are examples of the people that would be denied citizenship in the U.S.

The visa card they carry can determine the status for immigrants entering the United States. All immigrants entering the country should receive a visa card that grants them eligibility into the country. A U.S. border official in will review the visa immigration status advanced and they will issue the proper card that will prove they have been granted the right to enter the United States. It will have when the person is allowed to arrive and when they will be departing the states. It will also specify how long they are allowed to stay and their status while they're here.

Citizenship and Immigration Status

Proving the immigration status of a person can be very time consuming taking awhile before it's completed. Patience is required because the background check must be completed before any citizenship, benefits or services will be granted to a person waiting the results of these checks. When you consider how much information needs to be gathered and the importance of having accurate information, you can understand why this process may take awhile.

If a person has held a green card in the United States for at least five years they can apply for citizenship. The current immigration status of a person may be a factor in determining whether or not their citizenship will be approved. A background check on the person will be run and this will also be a factor in determining if they qualify.

Once you have applied for citizenship or benefits and received a corresponding application receipt number, you may be able to check your immigration status online. Look for a site that offers this service and put in your thirteen-digit receipt number and any other information that is required. You may be able to see what phrase your request is in at any given time. This is important because this process will need to go through several steps before it will be completed.

Citizenship and immigration status laws can seem complicated but they are necessary in order to maintain the high level of security needed to protect the citizens of the United States.