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FBI Background Check

The FBI or Federal Bureau of Investigations is in charge of maintaining the National Crime Information Center. This is essentially a national database in which information concerning criminal history, wanted fugitives and a list of missing persons are kept. When an FBI background check is necessary, the information provided for the check will come from this database.

When a person has been arrested for any crime, their fingerprints will be taken. These prints are then sent to NCIC where they will be placed on file. FBI background checks will use the fingerprint of the person in question to search the database to determine if they have a criminal history. The FBI background check information is used to determine if a person should be considered for certain job positions such as, positions in government offices, law enforcement jobs and jobs that require working with children.

The Department of Homeland Security is responsible for keeping the nation safe from all threats. One way this is accomplished is by running an FBI background check on certain individuals. These checks are sometimes referred to as an FBI fingerprinting background check because it searches the criminal master file for a match by using a person's fingerprint.

If the person has ever been arrested for a felony or a serious misdemeanor, it will show up in this search. The FBI background check fingerprint system can help prevent anyone with a criminal history from holding a job that could create a threat for the nation.

The Homeland Department of Security works with civilians that are employed in a variety of jobs all across the nation. They work together in a combined effort to protect the United States from terrorist attacks and to respond to any natural disaster that may occur. They do not work with the military, that branch of the government is handled by the Department of Defense.

The Patriot Act was designed as a first line of defense that was made law after 9/11. All financial institutions are required to do an advanced background check with the Office of Foreign Control to confirm the identity of all customers and prospective customers before accepting them.

The purpose behind this act is to discourage and/or punish all terrorist acts both in the United States and across the globe. It can also enhance the law enforcement investigatory tools making it easier to spot potential threats while reinforcing the measures used to find, prevent and prosecute financing terrorism and International money laundering.