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Department of Homeland Security

The Department of Homeland Security has one of the most important missions in the world. They are dedicated to keeping the nation secure and safe from terrorism and any other threat the nation may face. It requires the combined efforts and dedication of thousands of workers with jobs ranging in a wide variety of different fields. All of these workers have one goal in mind and that is to do their part to help keep America as safe as possible. The combined effort of these workers is vital to the security of the nation.

The importance of the nation's security was made clear during the 911 incident of 2001 and new laws have since been put in place to help protect the United States and the citizens of this great Nation. One way the United States Department of Homeland Security provides protection for the nation is through a variety of background checks. These checks help to detect and stop anyone from entering or working in the U.S. that have a criminal history or that has been linked to serious crimes in the past.

The FBI background check is one example of these checks. It does an extensive search on the person in question using their fingerprint. This check will reveal any criminal history associated with that person such as sex offenses, drug trafficking and terrorism to name a few. This will prevent anyone with a criminal history from filling positions in the United States in which national security could be breached or that would put the citizens of the United States in any type of danger.

The Homeland Department of Security is part of the Cabinet Department of the U.S. Federal government. Although it is dedicated to keeping the nation safe, its main focus is on responding to natural disasters and protecting the nation from terrorist attacks. Any military actions needed to keep the nation safe are handled by the Department of Defense. The Department of Homeland Security works directly with the civilians not the military to meet its goal both within and outside the nation's borders.

They are prepared, trained and ready to deal with any type of emergency that may arise, especially when it comes to any form of terrorism. They are also responsible for providing services that are related to immigration, naturalization and authorization for employment of immigrants. They?re even responsible for cyber security and in 2004 they created the Cyber Security Research and Development Center to develop security technology to help protect the United States from cyber attacks.

The Department of Homeland Security report used to protect the nation includes the activity that takes place along the U.S. borders. Here this department is responsible for preventing illegal activity from occurring along the borders including, the smuggling of drugs, weapons, cash and people. Their goal is to make international travel and trade easier while reducing the amount of illegal activity that takes place.

The Department of Homeland Security has a huge responsibility that affects the safety and well-being of the nation as a whole. The background checks and other security measures that have been put in place are all designed to help them do their job and keep America safe.