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Lawsuit Check

You may be wondering why a lawsuit check is important for your company. There are several reasons for this and you should be aware of them before you even consider a candidate. The main reason is that you want to make sure that the person you are hiring is not litigation happy. This means that they do not make it a habit to file lawsuits against companies that they have worked for or do not have a history of filing claims at the drop of hat. You need to protect your company from litigation and this is the best way to do that. A lawsuit check can let you know who and how many times a potential employee have sued a former employee or client for damages.

You are also going to know how much the settlement was for with the exception of sealed documents that may contain the settlement or court ordered amount that was awarded to the person you are considering for a job. The lawsuit settlement check can get you as much of the public files that you are able to get. That way, before you hire a person who may end up suing your company in a few months, you can pass on them and hire someone who is not as litigious.

You have probably worked very hard to build up your company and to be in a position where hiring outside help is a necessity. You do not want to lose your company over an employee who simply wants to get something for nothing and who uses the court system continuously for their own cash cow.

Types of Lawsuit Settlements

There are many types of lawsuit settlements that you are going to be looking for. These lawsuit settlement checks can tell you when they have sued workman's compensation or personal injury on the job. Personal injury lawsuits are very common. Not only are you going to know if they have filed a false claim or a frivolous claim, but you are going to know if there is an ongoing medical condition that would keep them from being able to do the job in an efficient manner.

If there is an existing condition, lawsuit checks are going to contain medical files that may be associated with the lawsuit. You do not want someone working for you who may already have an injury that you can be liable for later if it is re-injured. A lawsuit check can also let you know how many times a certain type of lawsuit was filed. This can be important for those who are offering jobs that are labor intensive that can create an existing condition to become worse. If the person is known to file workman's compensation claims frequently, then there may be a pattern that you can break and keep your company safe from litigation by not hiring the person.

While the two types of lawsuits that were previously mentioned are important, there are other types that need to be viewed as well. If a person spends a good deal of time suing people for personal loans or damages such as vehicle damage, then they are probably not afraid to sue you if anything were to happen to their vehicle while on your lot. Do not, for any reason, hire someone who is litigation happy. You are going to end up in court eventually and this is not going to be good for your company.