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Reference Check Form

A reference check form should always be a part of your screening process. Use a standard form that can be used to input the information online while using to do your backgrounds checks. Do not assume that the references supplied are going to be valid when you need to contact them. Do the legwork and do a check on references as well as the person you are screening.

You can make up reference check forms or you can use a standard one found online. These need to have all of the personal information on the reference that you are going to need in order to check the references background. This should not be a determining factor in deciding whether or not the person being screened is a good person. This is just going to allow you to see if the person exists and if they are located in the area that is stated on the personal reference check form.

If you are screening for a job, you can use an employee reference check form to check on the references that your potential employee may have provided. Not only should you check their background, but you want to call their references and see how they feel about the person you are screening for a job. Personal references should be a part of every employee application package.

Sample Reference Check Form

If you do not have a standard reference check form then you can use a sample reference check form to come up with your own standard one. This reference checking form is going to help you with your screening process. This is for any screening that needs to be done. It is not only employers that need to check on the references that are supplied on reference checking forms, but apartment complex managers and tenant screeners also need to check the background of the people who are going to be living on their property.

You can use a sample reference check to create your own reference check sheet that you need to use to get the information on the references that are being supplied to you. Do not leave the reference section as a small space on the application. Have it be an entire page that needs to be signed by the person being screened so that they understand the importance of this information.

Let them know that you are going to check on their references so that they can supply you with valid ones. Allow them to use references from all over the country. This is going to give those who have relocated for work reasons the chance to have good references. You may also want to allow for one family member to be a reference on the reference check sheet that you are creating. Family members can some times be more honest than friends are.

The most important thing to remember is that you want to have solid and verifiable references from anyone who you want to screen. Do not have the person you are screening take the time to fill out the references and you are not going to check them. This process can offer information on the person that you may not get elsewhere.