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Verify Military Records

Some of the hardest records to obtain and verify are military records. For this reason, it is incredibly easy for a person to claim a military life that he or she has, in fact, never lived. Some can go as far as to claim accolades and awards that were never issued. The even use these made up facts when applying for a job or an apartment. They do this because most people are not going to check these records to find out if they are true or not and they know this. You do not have to be duped by this false information when a person you are screening claims to have been in the military. You can verify military records quite easily these days.

You can use to find military records on those who claim prior military service. You should do this all the time. Even if the person has documents with them that prove their service, you should still run a check. The person standing in front of you could have purchased or stolen those records. Maybe they altered them to add training or awards that was never even issued or taken. By finding military records to make sure that they match the ones submitted you are going to know for sure the status of the person being screened.

If you have never needed to know how to find military records then you are probably not aware of a military records request form. It is not hard to verify military records if you have the correct form. You can send in this form to the military and wait for them to process it. It does not happen very quickly. Using can speed up the process immensely. You can even find military records free.

If you are only going to be doing one or two screenings of ex military persons, then you probably do no need to have a lot of the military request forms on hand. If you do hire in an area that has a lot of military personnel coming through it, then you may want to print these forms out so the person being screened can fill out them immediately. This is going to allow you to have all of the pertinent information for the records that you are going to be requesting.

You can learn what branch of the service the person you are screening served in. When you find military service records you are going to see all the details of a person's service career. The schools that they attended are going to be listed along with any awards, citations or medals that they were awarded as well. If there was any disciplinary actions that were taken those are going to be listed here.

When the person is discharged, they are going to be issued a discharge status. This can range from an honorable discharge to dishonorable discharge. There are other discharge status states that are also included. These are general discharges that are either under honorable or dishonorable conditions. All of this is important information when it comes to screening for future employees.