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Military Records Request Form

Any person who has been in the military is going to have an extensive file for their records. In previous times, when that person was discharged from military service, whether it is because of retirement, they have served their full term of four to six years and are now moving on with their lives or they have been discharged from the military due to disciplinary actions, there is going to be a lot of paperwork that was given to the person. These days, this information is given on a disk that the discharged person is given with all of their records on it. The military keeps these records in an electronic database that they can access with a few clicks of a mouse.

In order for you to get these records, you need to fill out and send in a Standard Form 180 request pertaining to military records. offers background checks can also obtain and submit for you the military records request form that you are going to need to get the records on the person in question. This is another way to check on the validity of the person who may be trying to get a job through your company.

If they were released from the military for medical reasons, a military medical records request form can be submitted so that you can see if there is a condition that would hamper their ability to work for your company. This can keep your or your workmen's compensation insured free from liability down the road if something were to happen. This is important information any employer should check out on their potential employees.

Standard Form 180 Request Pertaining To Military Records

The standard form 180 request pertaining to military records is a form that is needed in order to get the information needed on a prior member of the military. You can not access these records without this document. The military records request form is the only way to get these documents. It can take some time if you go through the process on your own. Instead, having that is familiar with background checks do this process for you which is going to save you some time. This agency can also help you to understand what these documents mean and how they can help you to determine the character and the possibility of you hiring the person whom the documents are related to.

The request pertaining to military form is the best way to get this background information. All prior service men and women who apply for a job should be willing to give up their records and information on their time served. If they are hesitant, there may be a reason for this hesitation. Find out what the issue is by running a military and military medical background check on any potential employee that has served time in the military. Remember, not all servicemen and women are going to hide things from an employer, it is the small percentage that you need to watch out for.