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Manual and Online Background Checks

Anyone who is doing background checks needs to know the difference between manual and online background checks. There are two specific ways of doing these checks and the time it takes to get the information back to you is one of the main differences when it comes to conducting background research. It can take weeks for manual background checks to come back. When you need your research to be conducted quicker than that, you should always go online and get the information that you need much faster. An Online background check is only going to take minutes as opposed to the days and weeks that a manual background check is going to take.

It can also cost more to have a manual check done. These services are not free. Even though you would think that when it takes longer to get the information that the service would not cost as much, the opposite is actually true. A manual check can often times cost two or three times more than an online one is going to cost. For this reason, many are bypassing the manual checks altogether and sticking with the online checks instead.

The information that you get is also going to be more comprehensive and up to date when you use an online service such as to get this information. When you use a manual service, the information is not going to be as current. The time it takes for them to send this information to you by courier or by mail.

Why an Online Service Makes More Sense

If you need to use background check services, then it only makes sense to use online background checks as opposed to manual ones. The speed with which you are going to get your information is the most important reason for using this type of service. When you need to get your check run quickly, then you need to use a service that can offer this to you in a timely manner. Not everyone can wait for months to get this information back. This can be especially true when it is a job or apartment that the background check is being conducted on.

Another reason why an online service makes sense is because it does not cost as much to have one of these searches conducted online instead of having them done manually. In some cases, you can get these searches for free online. It does not sense to pay more for a report that you can get quicker online for free. When most people are given a choice, they would prefer to get their reports quicker and cheaper.

As you can see, there are two basic differences between a manual and an online background check. Time and money are these main differences. These are not just small issues that can make a final decision hard, but a large one that is obvious. When it comes right down to it, saving money while getting more thorough and current report is a much better decision and can be had be ordering it online.