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Kansas Background Check

If you are thinking of extending credit to a person, you need to do more than just run a credit check. In many cases, the information on a credit check is going to be outdated. A person may have had issues in their past that are still affecting them today. They are looking to get out of the bind and need a way to start rebuilding their credit rating. That is why they have come to you. You can conduct a credit check along with a Kansas background check to see how this person has been living their life after all the credit problems reared their ugly head. The way a person lives now is much more important than who they were seven to ten years ago. People change and there may have been extenuating circumstances that caused them to have credit problems in the past. A Kansas criminal background check can offer you an insight into the way they are now conducting their life.

All Kansas background checks can show you how long a person has lived at one residence. This is important information as this shows stability. A person who has moved around a good deal is probably not very stable and would not be a second chance credit risk. However, a person who has lived at the same address for a good deal of time can typically be counted on to pay their bills. Even if they do not have revolving credit on their credit report, paying rent on time and maintaining one residence is a good show of how they have changed. People who can pay all their bills and do so every month is really the best indications as to how far they have come since their bad credit days and is going to show you how they live their new life.

Kansas Criminal Background Check

While conducting your background check in Kansas to determine if a person is a good credit risk and if you should offer them a line of credit to help them to reestablish this, you should also conduct a Kansas criminal background check. While a Kansas background check can offer you insight into a how a person is living now and their past history, a criminal check is also going to let you know if they have ever had any criminal past. If they are con artists or scam artists is an important thing to know before you extend a line of credit. You want to know where the bulk of their money is coming from. If they are drug dealers, you certainly do not want to give credit that is going to be paid back with dirty money.

This is the final step to finding out everything that you need to know about a person who you may want to give a second chance to. Once you have all the information, you can make a decision based on these reports. The great thing about this type of technology is that you can run all of these checks from a computer and have the answers you are looking for in just minutes. In many cases, this information can be had for free or for a small yearly subscription fee. Those who are going to be doing a good deal of lending to those who may be a credit risk can take advantage of the small yearly fee. This fee is more than going to pay for itself when you keep one person from taking advantage of you and your lending company. This protection is well worth it!