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FCRA Background Checks

FCRA background checks are being used by businesses today more than ever before. FCRA stands for the Fair Credit Reporting Act and it regulates the collection, distribution and the use of consumer information found in background checks. This helps to make sure the information found in these reports don't invade the person's privacy by including information that shouldn't be made public.

When employers use the FCRA background check it helps to reduce their liability by limiting the amount of violence, incompetence and number of lawsuits they must deal with in the workplace by screening the applicants before they are hired. Only the applicants that pass the FCRA Background Checks will be considered for employment.

These reports include a variety of searches that are valuable to the success of all businesses both small and large. These reports include driving records, criminal court records, credit reports, tenant screening and so much more.

Credit checks are often used to determine what type of history a person has when it comes to their financial status. In the past, lenders mainly used them when you applied for a bank loan, bought a vehicle or so forth. Today, they are used for a variety of different reasons. For instance, if you fill out an application to rent a home or apartment, the realtor or homeowner may require a credit check before you can be considered as a renter.

Anyone conducting these checks should choose a service provider that offers FCRA Compliant Background Checks. This means that the checks they run comply with the Fair Credit Reporting Act and they should be a legitimate company that will provide accurate information.

Most all companies require employment background checks before a person can be considered for hire. These checks include a variety of information that will help determine whether or not a person will be considered for a job position. Many companies will run a background check before promoting someone to look for any changes in their history as well. This may determine whether or not they get the promotion.

FCRA and background checks go hand in hand because the FCRA is the one who sets the standards used in the background checks for employment. With all the new threats the world faces today, security is more important than ever and screening applicants has become a vital asset to all types of businesses. Employers must be careful who they hire especially for high security jobs. However, before employer's can run a background check on someone they need to have their written consent.

Tenant checks are becoming even more common as homeowners want to know who is renting their property. Most all realtors will run a background check, including a credit check before renting out any property. More and more individual home owners who rent out their property are doing the same. This is due to the fact that security is tightening up in all areas and everyone is being more cautious.

FCRA Background Checks
for tenants will help to ensure the person renting the property is honest, dependable and someone that will do their best to take care of the property. It also keeps people with a history of drug abuse and ones with other undesirable backgrounds out of neighborhoods. Property owners need to protect themselves as well and these reports will help them do that. For example, if someone has a history of doing damage to other rental property, you'll know ahead of time. All in all, background checks simply help to keep people safer in their homes and the workplace.