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What Is a Background Check?

Most everyone has heard about background searches but what is a background check exactly? Basically, it's a search that is used to find information about a person's past. When you apply for a new job the employer will conduct a background check to gather information that will help them determine if you're the right person for the job.

If you're wondering what is in a background check, you may be a little surprised to learn that someone else can find out a lot about you from these reports. Everything from your education to misdemeanors that you may have been involved in as a teenager can show up in a background search. Now, if you're wondering what is a criminal background check and why it's considered different from a basic one, you're not alone.

Many people don't realize that a basic check includes criminal changes that you may have against you but a criminal background check will reveal more of this type of information in detail. In other words, it's designed to reveal any criminal activity that is associated with the person in question no matter what it is.

A background report is basically the same thing as what is included in a background check. When you apply for a job the company will most likely require that you consent to a background report before you can be considered for the position. These reports are used to learn more about the applicant so the employer can make a good informed decision and pick the person that is the most qualified for the position.

A background report will reveal how much education a person has and his or her past work history. The employer will be able to find out how long you worked at each job and why you left each one. It can reveal your criminal history as well.

What is checked in a background check when you agree to let someone conduct the search? The answer to this actually depends on what type of search is done. There are different types of searches that will reveal a variety of information. The main reports used are those that reveal a person's educational background, work history and criminal history. These are the ones that are mostly used by employers.

However, some job positions may require that a sex offender search, credit history and felony check also be conducted. What is on a background check will make a difference when you're applying for a job and it can prevent you from being considered for the position if the report shows that you falsified information on the application or a criminal history shows up.

Which background records are used in a report will depend on which background check was run. For instance, if a sex offender check is run it will reveal if the person has ever been charged with any type of sexual offenses. A felony check will show any felonies the person may have and a basic background check will show the person's educational, employment and criminal history.

Background checks have been used by companies and landlords for years but today, they are also run by some individuals. Some people will use a background search to screen a new babysitter, someone new they are considering dating or to make sure someone they hire to do work in or around their home are trustworthy. As an individual, you'll need to determine which type of check you need to use based on the information you need.

If you're still not sure what is a background check you can use the Internet to do a little more research to help you understand them more. The more you know about these checks the better, since they are used so often today and this trend will most likely continue.