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Which Background Records Are Used?

If you're new to running background checks or you would like to know what type of background information can be found in one, then you first need to understand that it all depends on which background records are used. The type of search run will depend on who is conducting the search and for what reason.

The most common background information used will be the ones that will be requested by employers but even these will contain different data depending on which company is using them. The most basic search run by employers will contain a person's educational and employment history. Employers need this type of information to make sure the person actually has the training and experience they claim to have.

Most all searches run by a company will contain a criminal background check records. This is needed to look for any criminal charges and convictions the person may have. Jobs that deal with finances or in which the person has access to the company funds will run a credit check. Government run agencies will require a complete background history that contains everything from sexual offender checks to terrorist check.

The changing world has made it necessary for companies to run background checks. With jobs being so much harder to get than ever before, more people are providing false or exaggerated information on their applications and resumes. Employers can't afford to take the chance and hire someone that doesn't have the experience they claim to or people that have a violent history.

Negligent hiring lawsuits continue to rise and employers can be held responsible for the actions of their employees if proper procedures were not followed during the hiring process. Due to the consequences employers face for hiring negligence, they have the right to turn someone down for a job position based on the background information found in the searches they run.

Background Check Records

Employers are not the only ones that find it necessary to run background checks. Landlords will run background searches that contain information about a person's credit history, employment history and criminal history. These are used to determine if the person is financially able to pay for the rental property and to make sure they don't have a violent history that could put others in danger.

Many individuals do personal searches to try and locate an old friend or to find information on someone new they plan to begin a relationship with. Others may need to hire a nanny or babysitter and they will use a background check on anyone they're considering for the job to make sure their child is in good hands. It would also be a good idea to do a background search on anyone that you plan do business with.

Background records contain a lot of information about a person. In fact, many people would be shocked to find out just how much another person could find out about them from these searches. Still, they are necessary and with security becoming more important than ever before, the number of checks being run will surely increase.

Current events include more child abductions than ever before and violent behavior towards others. More and more people are using their job position to embezzle money, have access to people's homes and to give others a false sense of security making them feel safe when they really have the intention of taking advantage of them. The terrorist act of 2001 has made a huge impact on everyone and better, stricter security measures are being put into place.